Chaos and Clarity

There are moments in life when you find yourself at a crossroad facing two decisions. One decision is often safe and familiar while the other takes you through uncharted water offering greater return but also greater risk. Every few years I find myself at this crossroad questioning whether I’m living my most authentic life (often I’m not). For fear failure and judgement, I stick on the safe and familiar road, ignoring my higher self and my truth.

In recent months my identity has been compromised, inspiring deep thought, self exploration and a lot of personal judgement. I’ve been craving fulfillment outside of being a mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend. Even with my greatest accomplishment currently tickling my toes, I’ve felt unaccomplished. At the same time, my return-to-work date is my Apocalypse. My heart and soul are with my family and the thought of missing moments to be present in my home make me anxious and ill.

Through all of these emotions and feelings, I’ve desperately needed an outlet. I’ve created little side projects, some of which you may have seen on Facebook, none of which were satisfying. I’ve researched methods to create my own happy sauce and find inner peace. Through this journey I’ve turned somewhat “granola” and really connected with my inner self and my purpose. I’ve fallen in love with meditation and with clarity. Most importantly, I’ve fallen back in love with writing.

Grown Up Glamour has always had my heart ingrained in its workings. It’s a place I created for other women to feel safe in sharing the tough real stuff we go through on a daily basis and in this new chapter in my life, it will be a community for moms to find support. Grown Up Glamour is my happy sauce and I hope within it you will find yours. Moving forward, you’ll find a granola approach to happiness, wellness and self care. I’m officially returning back to this love of mine and hope you enjoy my authentic approach to sharing as you follow along.

Thank you for your subscriptions, your continued support and for your engagement. Join me on living an authentic life and taking the road less traveled.


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